What is the TGIF MyFridays Rewards Program?

The TGIF MyFridays Rewards Program has been designed to offer our loyal customers three main benefits when signing up including:

The TGIF MyFridays Rewards Program has been designed to offer our loyal guests three main benefits when signing up including:

1. $10 off the bill (valid for 30 days after you have verified your email address) Effective 1st Nov, if $10 welcome voucher is redeemed, this is the only offer that can be redeemed per table.
2. Birthday Meal (up to $25) – to be eligible to receive your complimentary birthday meal you must be a member for at least 30 days prior to your birth month & must have visited us & transacted in your birthday month. $25 will be credited to the members account and can be used for any purpose.
3. Access to special MyFridays member offers. We will regularly send communications with member only offers as well as updates on what’s coming up at TGI Fridays.

How do I become a TGIF MyFridays Rewards Member?

Download the app in Apple Store or Google Play by searching ‘TGI Fridays AU’. Remember, you MUST be 18 or over to sign up to the program. Or sign up through the website. Click the “MYFRIDAYS” bar at the top of the site and fill out your details on the online form. Remember you MUST be 18 or over to sign up to the program.

What if my details have changed, how do I update them?

You can update your details at any time inside the app. Please login and head to “PROFILE” and click EDIT to make changes. Once complete click the UPDATE” button to save your changes. To update your details via the website go to www.tgifridays.com.au/rewards. Please login and then head to the “PROFILE” to make any changes. Once complete click on the “Update details” button and your changes will be saved.

I am not receiving TGI Friday’s MyFridays regular emails and special offers, what should I do?

When you signed up to MyFridays Rewards we asked you if you would like to receive communications from TGI Fridays via email. Members that ticked this box will receive email communications from TGI Fridays. If you would like to receive email communications please go to ‘’PROFILE’’ within the app and enable email communications. If you do not have the app please email your member number to rewards@tgifridays.com.au. You will be added to the email subscriber list within 7 working days. If you have agreed to receive marketing communications from TGI Fridays but are not receiving anything please check your junk mail folder. If you find an email from TGI Fridays in your junk folder you will need to mark the sender as ‘safe’ to make sure that future emails are not deemed as spam. Please log in to your account and make sure your details are filled out correctly. If you still have concerns please email TGI Fridays at rewards@tgifridays.com.au and we will assist further.

How do I know my details will be kept safe?

TGI Friday’s uses a secure website and service to store your personal data. We also will not disclose any personal contact information for use by a third party, in compliance with the National Privacy Act and relevant Anti Spam Act. If you feel someone has accessed your information other than yourself please contact privacy@tgifridays.com.au with further details. You can view our privacy policy in the “PROFILE’’ section of the app and website.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password to the MyFridays Rewards program, click the top right hand side login button and it will take you to the sign in page of our website, you will be able to request a new password by simply clicking ‘I forgot my password’.  You can then enter the email address you signed up with and your password will be sent. If you are still having difficulties please email rewards@tgifridays.com.au including your full name and member number.

How do I receive my birthday credit?

At TGI Friday’s you will receive a $25 credit in your Birthday month when you transact in that month. The transaction can be anything from a glass of soft drink to a main meal. Please note that to receive your birthday credit you must have been a TGI Fridays Rewards Member for at least 30 days prior to your birthday month. If you have not received your credit and feel you should have, please contact us at rewards@tgifridays.com.au and we will get back to you.

Can more than one member redeem a reward on the same table?

MyFridays $10 Welcome Reward

When redeeming the $10 Welcome Reward, this is the only reward that can be redeemed per table. Only one $10 Welcome Reward can be redeemed per table.

MyFridays Rewards – General

For new TGI FRIDAYS restaurants that have just opened, only one reward can be redeemed per table. This condition is valid for the first 30 days of a restaurant opening. For all other TGI FRIDAYS restaurants, and after the first 30 days of a restaurant opening, each member on a table can redeem a reward.